Knowing truth, in an age of relative thought, is critical to understanding how God works.  Feeding on God's  Word is an absolute delight!


There is nothing more important than worship!  Worship is the primary motivation of a heart inclined toward God.  

Living & Sharing the Gift of Grace!

  • The following are a few of the features that characterize how our gathering functions. We believe that these things have Biblical command, precedent, or example, for the purpose of maintaining order and worshipping God in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

    ​1. We believe that is the right and responsibility of each capable individual to personally examine what God’s word says
    . Believers are never called to unquestioningly accept any instruction or interpretation of Scripture, whether formally taught or privately conveyed, rather we must be willing to search the totality of Scriptures to find confirmation or refutation of what is expounded. For this reason, all who instruct in any fashion must be ready to provide Scriptural proofs.  As a church, we encourage the asking of questions and requests of proof, in an orderly manner, throughout our times of study.

    2. While we are a local gathering of the church, we recognize that God has one church, the Lamb’s one bride, which spans geography and time. All believers in Jesus Christ, saved by grace through faith, are a part of this extended body.  We recognize that each believer, each local assembly, is unique and may not worship in the exact manner of our gathering, nor hold to precisely the same conclusions on all non-essential points of doctrine.  We entrust them to the instruction and safeguarding of God’s Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. At the same time we recognize that we must be willing to pray for them and scripturally instruct them, as we have opportunity, even as we should readily listen to their instruction and desire their prayers. 

What To expect


The heart of a Servant is found in those that follow Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the author and perfecter of faith, and faith that serves is alive!

The Journey of faith is about knowing God and giving Him glory!  Psalm 113

Grace Church at Hermitage / Providence

  • Worship includes all the means God has established to show reverence and submission to Him. Our corporate worship commonly includes:​

    - Music with vocal praise and adoration.
    - Prayers of praise and adoration, thanksgiving, confession, and requests.
    ​- Reading and Study of God’s Word.
    - Orderly sharing of what the Holy Spirit is teaching.


    Our corporate worship periodically, or as occasion requires, may include:

    Baptism - Baptizing believers on profession of faith and being corporate witness to this public profession.

    The Lord’s Supper - Believers as a family, remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection using the former Passover symbols He commanded: bread and wine.

    ​Fellowship Meals – Eating together with each other in Christian fellowship.

Why Worship?